January 3, 2012


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December 23, 2011

TMP: Highlights of 2011

Although every one of Taylor-Made Photography clients are special and unique in their own right here are some of the highlights of 2011:

New York City and Las Vegas was an amazing way to kick off the year and get those creative juices flowing for the year that lay ahead. 

Receiving a Silver Distinction Award from the AIPP for my travel-book; New York Minute

Traveling to Fiji and Hamilton Island for my fun-loving Destination Wedding clients Paula and David and Dane and Liette and all the wonderful people I met in my travels. 

Hosting the Soup Kitchen here in the Taylor-Made Photography studios where I got the chance to teach other like-minded photographer's tricks of the trade.

Going to South Australia for the annual AIPP event where I got the chance to update my skills in the industry.

Being featured in the Sydney Morning Herald's lifestyle section for Skye and Shane's Wedding, in addition to being featured in the infamous Ms Polka Dot Bride for Mia and Gary's gorgeous Wedding at the Vineyards in Bowral.

But in particular, we would like to say a big Thank You to all of YOU! 
It is all our wonderful, dedicated and loyal clients who give us the chance to be creative and produce the work we do for you to savour all those special moments that will remain keepsakes in your home for many years ahead.

From all of us at Taylor-Made Photography we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working alongside you in the New year!

December 20, 2011

Claudine's Studio Shoot

Claudine came to the Taylor-Made Photography Studios on the weekend looking for a relaxed, romantic shoot in the studio with her partner. The strong connection the couple shared for one another was apparent the moment they walked through the studio door. Just have a look how in-love the pair are in the photos below.

December 19, 2011

Paula and David's Pregnancy Shoot

Paula and David are such a pleasant, and charming couple to be around. The pair flew me all the way over to Fiji earlier this year to Photography their picturesque, waterfront ceremony. And now with time, the pair have again invited me into their lives to share yet another significant moment of their lives. Paula and David are expecting their first born within the next few weeks, so the pair welcomed me in to their family home to for a pregnancy shoot.

Their home was filled with an aura of excitement and content, as both Paula and David prepare for the newest edition to the Bourke family. Just have a look at the Photographs captured below. On behalf of the Taylor-Made Photography team we wish you both all the best as you enter this new phase of your life.

December 16, 2011

Friday's Tip: How to Prepare for a Taylor-Made Photography Shoot

Taylor-Made Photography are all about ensuring that our clients get a product that they are happy with and proud to hang up on their wall. Which is why we are doing a short series on how to prepare for your portrait session or Wedding shoot with Taylor-Made Photography. Today's useful tip when being photographed is Hair...


Hair can be a disaster in a photograph. This doubles in outdoor shoots (triples if there is a breeze.) For people with longer hair, make sure you have options for the photo shoot. If it’s extremely windy outside, a simple ponytail can keep the hair from flying in your face or looking like you’re stuck in a tornado.

Simple is always elegant. 
If you want to up the class a bit, add a few curls to longer hair. If you’re using product, make sure it’s not too thick, in photographs it can make the hair look like a solid dark mass.

Have a brush handy. When you change positions or settings, give your hair a once over. If you take it down out of a pony tail, make sure you give it a thorough brushing so you can’t see where the elastic was holding your back.

Ann is a great example of how neat and tidy hair improves the quality of a shoot. 

December 14, 2011

Wednesday's Tip: How to Prepare for a Taylor-Made Photography Shoot

Here at Taylor-Made Photography we are constantly asked what people should do to prepare for a shoot, whether it’s in the studio, on location or your Wedding Day we have got some useful tips and tricks to ensure you always photograph well in front of the camera.

1. Grooming

Good grooming can go a long way and can make you go from “eh, okay” to “wow, you’re stunning!” This is the area where people need to start, with sometimes a few days before the shoot and build up to the day of. Some quick and easy things to consider:

-Be aware of your face. This includes thinking about your skin; issues such as dry skin can be easily combated and assists in making you look wonderful. Tweezing eyebrows and removing unwanted facial hair is great. It means the photographer doesn’t have to digitally edit out each individual hair (and not all photographers are that dedicated, no woman wants a hairy upper lip).

-Also be aware of what will be shot. If your legs are going to be in the photographs, make sure they’ve been waxed or shaved a day or two ahead of time (unless you want some fuzzy legs!) If you shave them the day of, you might have broken out skin or redness from the razor and/or wax.

-Don’t forget your hands. I for one love a good close up of the hands. Nothing ruins the shot more than nails that haven’t been cleaned or clipped. It might even be worth bringing something to clean them when you get there (who knows what you’ll be handling leading up to the photo shoot.)

Stay Tuned for tomorrow's useful tip in preparing for a Photoshoot.

Thank you http://241south.com/blog/?p=130 for todays helpful tip for preparing people to be photographed

December 13, 2011

Black and White Photography

Taylor-Made Photography have always been strong believers in the artistic nature that is black and White Photography. Even in this digital world of ours where we are exposed to the most high-end of colour saturated gear, there comes a time in every shoot to have a play around with a timeless classic, our great, old friend, Black and White.

Black and White Photography has been apart of the Photography world since its inception. Even after coloured films were brought into the industry, the pure beauty, elegance and undeniable timelessness of Black and White photography will forever remain untouched.

Black and White Photography captures a deeper portrait than that of its colour counterpart, as they bring to life pieces of a photo that colours simply cannot. Black and White photography add a sense of romanticism, mood and interest to even the most ordinary of photograph.

Still not convinced;

Have a look at the examples below and be the judge;

Have your say, which do you prefer; Colour or Black and White?